What is Balls Deep Tackle?

Written By Alan Kilian - January 11 2016


July 05 2016

I have a lot of molds for my own personal use I have never tried to sell any so now I would love to add one of your molds to my collection would that be a possibility.

June 01 2016

Balls deep can they deep in a gal

June 01 2016

I think the balls deep should be a little bit bigger cause the momma cats are going to want some bigger than those 1-3pound balls I say we should give them bigger balls

Graham Rex
April 21 2016

Do you make them in brass, I know done monkeys in need of them !!

Nick B
March 29 2016

You shold do down rigger balls. Lol call them dragging balls.

Betsy Scott
March 28 2016

I don’t care for the Salty Balls sinkers ( they’re a “guy thing” ), but being a devout female fisherperson perhaps you can come up with something for us gals. i.e. Titty Pink Sinks (sinkers) :-)

brian streep
March 23 2016

If you’re ever looking to sponsor someone From New Jersey. I realy would be interested in wearing your company name.. Great idea guys

Frank Lopez
March 21 2016

Love the idea and concept you got going. I would love to know if you guys have bumper stickers or so. I’m a big fishermen and would love to help you advertise.

March 21 2016

Definitely need to make some bigger sets of balls! I’d love some 8-10oz. ones, everyone on my boat would get a kick out of them!

March 19 2016

You definitely need bigger balls! Some of us like to dip our rods in salty water where we drag bottom. Big balls like 6-8oz. would be perfect!

Paul Harriman
March 19 2016

Happily be of service if you wanted to deliver to the UK

Lots of love and good action




March 18 2016

This is awesome marketing and hilarious as H3LL! Love it!
I am anxiously awaiting more stock to place my order – I’ve got a lot of Fishing Buds & Family to give these to.

You definitely need some Ladies tank tops, tshirts, hats (red, hot pink, white) and larger size Men’s clothing. Sun Visors (for days too hot to wear hats).

I came up with other names along the same lines:

Catcall, Humdinger, Osogood, 8second Ride, Moanalisa, BigO, OhMG, PlezureSeeker, PlezurePalace, PlezureZmine, TiteeShaker, BigTitee, BigTeazer, LilTeazer, SeaTeazer, BoosumBuddy…I could go on all night!

Now kick that production into high gear!! :)

Zach C
March 18 2016

My lady needs a shirt that says something to the effect of “I love Balls Deep” or “My mans tackle is Balls Deep”. Something for all the good humored ladies out there. Don’t leave them out because when it’s Balls Deep they come… fishing that is.


Trent Ediger
March 18 2016

This is awesome sense of humor. I am a tournament angler in Saskatchewan Canada. I was wondering if you could get bigger sizes , they will sell . I would love to wear your shirts.

Carmen Johnson
March 18 2016

The blog had me in tears I love this and my father will as well he is retired and enjoys his days fishing and golfing…I just order him a set of balls!!

March 18 2016

Where’s the Gals stuff???? Ya Gotta get the girls in on this!!!!!

Ric Norman
March 17 2016

I gotta have a hat with your logo.

Sylvain D.
March 17 2016

Hello. Where are you folks located? If you are looking for people to distribute any of this stuff , i would love to be part of it. I am in Moose Jaw. Sask. Canada.

Todd Barnes
March 17 2016

Awesome I would like prices on 2 and 4 oz. Weights

Mike S
March 17 2016

I agree on the bigger balls, I use 2 oz. weights for cat fishing. I’d hate to have to use two 1 oz. balls as I don’t believe in “taggin’ bags”, lol!

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