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Rechargeable LED Headlamp Flashlight

Balls Deep Tackle Rechargeable LED Headlamp Flashlight

- Convenient Headlight for Hunting, Fishing, Camping and Hiking.

- 5 Functions (Red/White)

- 300 Feet Distance

- 30 Hours of Light

  • YOUR EVERYDAY LIGHTING NEEDS MADE EASY! 300 FEET BEAM DISTANCE! Our headlamp has five convenient lighting functions (full white, low white, white strobe, full red, red strobe), powerful 160 lumens, 300 feet lighting distance, and 45-degree tilt functionality prove its versatility in even the most formidable conditions, rain or shine. Strap it on, find the perfect lighting mode, and make Lite-Aid‘s headlamp your newest companion for the next late night adventure or home improvement project!
  • BATTERY LIFE MATTERS! AVOID DISASTER AND GUARANTEE SAFETY WITH 30 HOURS ON A SINGLE CHARGE! Never worry again about losing power on a late-night excursion, or having to buy expensive replacement batteries. 100% rechargeable! Simply plug it into your USB connector (included) for up to 30 hours of continuous light on a single 3-5 hour charge.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, COMFORTABLE, & ADJUSTABLE!  Weighing in at only 68 grams, Lite-Aid still boasts exceptional power via its two auxiliary floodlights, two red and one LED. Better yet, we guarantee its elastic band will adjust perfectly to your head for maximum comfort!


Our Ballsy Guarantee: No Shrinking, Shriveling or Floating!

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